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Located in Southern California, Nickerson Design Group is an interior design company that works closely with dentists, builders, and equipment specialists. Whether building a new practice or remodeling an existing practice, our interior designers work with clients to create unique spaces to match their vision.

At Nickerson Designs, we can customize your dental office to maximize the level of comfort and functionality from the waiting room to the dental chair. With our dental consulting, we can help with organization and the interior design of a dental office. We strive to achieve the ideal balance between the welcoming environment of your office space and professional dental treatment.

We understand that the oral health and experience of the patient is crucial for any dental practice. We can help to enhance that experience. We can also smooth out the process in the interior design, use of the space and create a relaxing atmosphere for our clients’ patients.

If you are looking to rebuild or enhance your dental practice, then give us a call today.

Our Team

Our team takes the time to address the client’s desires while also focusing on a design that utilizes the most out of the available space. Our goal is to help the client's patients feel welcome and cared from the moment they walk in the door to any follow-up appointments they might need. We understand that functionality is a major focus for any dental practice and can help to find the furniture that addresses comfort and functionality. Our team will customize the treatment to each individual client. We understand that a dental office reflects you and your practice. Thus, we will do everything we can to help capture that in the design.

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Our Services

When working with a client, our services can address both the interior design of the office and the dental supplies. We can answer the client’s needs while providing the necessary materials. Customizing the most efficient and comfortable interior office design is an important step toward helping our clients. With the proper office setup, we can help clients provide a professional environment that patients will feel comfortable returning to in the future. We can help clients with custom cabinets, dental supplies, dental chairs, medical appliances and more. With our organizing and interior design, we can help to make your ideal dental office into a reality.

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Our Process

Our initial meeting is the most important throughout this process, as we ask a number of important questions to help us better understand your goals for the project and determine your desired aesthetic. Above all, we want to ensure this is a perfect fit for everyone!

After we decide to move forward we then start the material meetings. We bring everything to you and depending on the practice it usually takes 3-4 material meetings to get everything picked out.

After we have decided on all the materials we give all our information over to the contractors. We like to have our design meetings start before construction even begins because we don't want the material to be holding back any time for you.

We are with you the whole way, we stay in contact with your team to make sure that we are communicating at least once a week.

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